DECUS DIRECT is a custom built state of the art online quote, bind and formal documentation issuance platform that also offers a wide range of analytics to assist both underwriting, portfolio analysis and product performance. A wide variety of products are available, as per the below, which is also developing according to client’s needs.

The online system is built with the end user in mind and therefore is easy to navigate and is intuitive by nature.

The system also captures underwriting guidelines together with London market requirements to ensure adherence to specified coverages therefore reducing the potential of E&O exposure based on a rules based approach.

Decus Direct is designed to be low touch and the ideal solution for SME business products.





New Customers

If you are an insurance agent and would be interested in connecting to our system please contact John Harris, COO at We will assess your needs and appetite and put you in touch with one of our product specialists.

Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer and have any questions or technical problems in relation to the system please contact Marc Jason at and he will be happy to assist you.