Decus Insurance Brokers are experts in medical professional liability, arranging insurance for hospitals, doctors and other medical providers/practitioners for claims occurring as a result of negative outcomes from all types of medical procedures.

We challenge ourselves to deliver insurance solutions to our customers which not only assist them by offering financial stability and removing volatility, but also assist them with their goals in patient safety, risk management and zero harm.

We work in a number of sectors throughout the world, including:

  • Large health care systems
  • Individual practitioners
  • University and teaching hospitals
  • Single hospitals
  • Fertility clinics
  • Care homes
  • Staffing agencies
  • Clinical trials
  • Emergency services
  • Alternative niche health care practices
  • Businesses with medical malpractice exposure

We are continually evolving and is acutely aware of the changes within the global insurance and healthcare spheres. Our established knowledge base in the management and implementation of complex coverage options is what distinguishes us from others.

For further information please download a copy of our Healthcare marketing